One day in 1986, I bought a music paper called "SOUNDS" which
comes with free 4 track EP record, because it is included Velvet
Underground's song(I'm not interested in it anymore).
And the 1st track of the EP was Brian Spence's song "Back Door".
I had never heard about this singer before but I really loved this song,
great sound and great voice!!

Then I found the ad for the single "Hear It From The Heart"on the
On the next day, I bring the ad to Import Records store and ask them
to import the 7"single & 12"single for me.

I loved both side of the single. Then I ordered "BROTHERS"album.
A few weeks later, I obtained the album finally.
Then I couldn't believe that I loved all of the songs on this album.
There's no other artist like this before.
as there was always one or two songs which I'm not so interested,
on my favorite artists album.

However "BROTHERS" is a perfect album, I loved every song on it.
and I always love this album since then.

I wrote a fan letter to Brian via record company's address.
I didn't understand English at that time, It took about 5 hours for me
to write a short letter :)
And I guess he doesn't remember it but he sent me a post card from
Sweden which says that "I am on tour in Europe, maybe one day I will
come to Japan that would be great!!"

In 1988, I was still enjoying "BROTHERS" album and love it more and
more. At the import records store, I found a CD single "Reputation".
I ordered the album"REPTATION" and it became my favorite,too.

About 10 years later, 'Internet' came to my home.
I decided to start this website as Brian still remains my favorite artist.

And finally in 2010,I've met Brian in person!!!
(Thanks Mark for your help!)
When I got Free EP of "SOUNDS", I never thought I could listen to
he's playing live "Back Door" in 24 years later.

I spent really great & happy time with him, his wife Debbie,
my friend Mark Hughes(
spencemusic.co.uk) & his wife Sue!!
I will never forget that night.
And I will always love Brian Spence music.

Naoki Sawada :)


Me and Brian at Salmon and Ball



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