I still remember the night, the first time I met Brian
Spence in person in 2010.
It's one of the big events of my life.
Because I'm a big Brian Spence fan since I was a
teenager and I've never stopped listen to his albums
since 1986- oh...times fly so fast :D

So his albums "Brothers" & "Reputation" are like the
soundtrack of my life :)

October in 2010, I had a chance to travel UK, Then my
friend Mark Hughes & Sue took me to the Salmon and
Ball at Bethnal Green Road, in London where Brian &
Debbie sings in there at night.

I still remember clearly when I talked to him at the first
time, I said "My name is Naoki..."
Then he said "I know".

At that night, Brian and Debbie sung a lot of 70's & 80's
songs, but also his own songs "Come Back Home","Back
Door","Gandhi" and "Hear It From The Heart".

It was so great to listen to those songs in live.
Especially I loved "Back Door", it's still remains my No.1
favorite song since 1986.

December in 2012, I had a chance to meet Brian Spence
once again as well as Debbie, Mark & Sue !! at The Old
George in Bethnal Green, London.
They welcomed me as same as before we met.
I'm very glad to see them again!
And I'm so happy to listen to Brian sings live :D

It seems that there was a Class reunion party or
something like that at the pub(if I'm right...).
Then they danced to the every song.
I was enjoying to watch them dancing so happily!

The Winter in London is very cold, but I was warmed
by Brian & Debbie sings.

Thanks so much to Brian, Debbie, Mark & Sue!
I hope I can go back to see you again in near future!

See you soon !!

Debbie, Naoki & Brian

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