Terra Nova - 1978

Peter Cox on Vocals

  Rocky IV : Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - 1985

One Way Street - Go West

  David Roach / The Talking City - 1985 ALBUM

That's All It Takes

* Peter Cox on Vocals

  GOSH! / The Wishing Well - 1987 SINGLE

The Wishing Well
The Wishing Well (Message)

  Various / The Prince's Trust Concert - 1987 ALBUM

Don't Look Down (Live) - Go West

  A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master -1988 ALBUM

Don't Be Afraid Of Your Dream - Go West

  Robert Hart / Cries & Whispers - 1989 ALBUM

This Has Got To Be Love

High On Love

* Peter Cox on Backing Vocals

  Pretty Woman Original Soundtrack - 1990 ALBUM

King of Wishful Thinking - Go West

  White Men Can't Jump : Original Motion Picture Soundtrack -1992 ALBUM

Don't Ever Let 'Em See You Sweat - Go West

  Curt Smith / Soul On Board - 1993 ALBUM

Come The Revolution

* Peter Cox on Backing Vocals

  Corrina, Corrina The Original Motion Picture soundtrack - 1994 ALBUM

I Only Have Eyes For You - Niki Haris & Peter Cox

  Judie Tzuke / Secret Agent - 1998 ALBUM

That's Where My Heart Used To Be
Little Cloud
Fuel Injection
Move On

* Peter Cox on Backing Vocals

  Judie Tzuke / Queen Secret Keeper - 2001 ALBUM

The One that Got away
All Of Me

* Peter Cox on Backing Vocals

  Bernie Nolan / All By Myself - 2005 ALBUM

You Are Everything (Duet with Peter Cox)

  3 Blind Mice / Good Grief - 2007 ALBUM

The Word

* Peter Cox on Backing Bocals

  Jimmy Copley / Slap My Hand - 2008 ALBUM

Everyday I Have the Blues
Strange Brew
You Make It Easy
It's Your Thing
Holdin' On With Both Hands

* Peter Cox on Vocals

  The Greatest Stories are Never Told - 2011 SINGLE

Go West on vocals with other artists

  Sophie Roberts Story - Shout It From The Rooftops - 2012 SINGLE

Featured vocalists: Peter Cox,
Katie Hector and John James Newman

Backing vocalists: Rose Betteridge, Adam Pain, Deborah Pain

  Faint Signs Of Intelligence / I Can Dig It Baby - 2013 SINGLE

I Can Dig It Baby (feat. Peter Cox)

  80's Re:Covered - 2015 ALBUM

Human - Go West
Human (The Stevensonics Mix) - Go West

  Lonely Robot (It Bites) / Please Come Home - 2015 ALBUM

The Boy in the Radio (feat.Peter Cox)

  The Spacer / Creature Feat. Peter Cox - 2016 SINGLE

Creature feat. Peter Cox
Creature feat. Peter Cox (Midnight Son Mix)
Creature feat. Peter Cox (Ghost of Mars Mix)

  Fly - Songs Inspired by the film Eddie The Eagle - 2016 ALBUM

Determination - Go West