Hello,It's me!


When I was 12, I heard Olivia's 2 new songs "Magic"and "Xanadu"from my radio.
I loved those songs, but I didn't know who she is. Then I asked my brother who the singer is.
He said,"She is Olivia Newton-John, A girl from the movie GREASE".
Yes ! I've already knew the actress from the movie "Grease".
but, I didn't know she is a real singer.
I obtained those 2 singles as soon as I knew it.

Since then, I started to obtain her 7"singles.
Because LP album was so expensive for poor student.
and also, every Japanese 7"single has a beautiful Pic insert with lyrics.
By buying records,I found out that I've ever heard some of her hit songs,
like "Have You Never Been mellow","Jolene", "Take Me Home,Country Roads"...etc.

In 1984, I started to work. I was lucky to have a part time job for movie theater
which shows Olivia's new movie "Two of a kind".
It was the same theater which showed "Xanadu"a few years before then.
As my Boss knew that I'm a big Olivia fan, he gave me some Promo pictures and
posters for both movies.

The Next year,I quit high school and got a new job,
And I started to buy all of Japanese Olivia LP albums.
Then I tried to find rare albums like "A Window To The Sky(a/k/a The Other Side Of
Mountain)","Cliff Live With Olivia Newtin-John","Music For Unicef Concert"...etc.

A friend of mine traveled to Australia in 1990, and she obtained
"Reach Out For Me"AUS 7"single as a gift for me.
Then I realized that import 7"single has totally different pic sleeve.
I started to collect 7"singles and CD's from over seas.

Olivia has ever come to Japan 7 times(With Cliff in 1972,For Tokyo Music Festival in 1973,
Concert Tour in 1976,Concert Tour in 1978,To promote'Physical' in 1981,To promote
'Warm And Tender' in 1990,and For Chality concert in 1991) ,
However,I had never had a chance to met her in person.
Although I would visit U.S.A. to see Back To Basics Tour 1992, The Tour was cancelled,as you know.
I had to wait long time again, But, Suddenly, My dream in 20 years came true...!!

It came true in 1999 ,I'm really really lucky to had a chance to see her Las vegas Concert!!
I went to see Las Vegas Concert all three nights(July 16,17,18.) and enjoyed every shows.
Especially at second night, I was in the first row seat and shook hand with Olivia!
I've never forget those three nights!

Thank you so much for visiting my Olivia Newton-John Web site. I've made this site since
Oct.,1999.I'm trying to update my site very often. I hope you enjoy to staying here.
And Let me know what you think!

Apr, 2000